Did you know that June 20th is World Refugee Day?


We’re excited to share a story about Gervais School District. They’re bridging the language gap for refugee students with limited English proficiency to allow them to regain a sense of normalcy and safety amidst the chaos of change.


We spoke with Dr. Creighton Helms, Director of Student Services and Federal Grants, to learn how they support their students’ learning experience through translation technology like spf.io. Click here to read the full story.


Watch interview highlights


We’re also excited to share that T4 Education is hosting a T4 Spotlight event in September. Dr. Creighton Helms will be presenting live about Gervais School District’s experience providing multilingual accessibility in their classrooms. He will also share tips on how schools can compete for grants to support multilingual learners. Stay tuned for further updates about T4 Spotlight!


Visit spf.io/edu to learn more about how you can support multilingual learners through spf.io.