Dear Parents and Community Members,

As we go into the long holiday weekend and prepare for the final push to the end of the school year, the district wants to provide you with an additional opportunity to gather important resources you may find helpful during the summer months.

While not all the details are finalized, I wanted you to have this on your calendars as soon as possible.

June 7th—6:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.—Location to be determined
“Preparing for Summer: A toolkit for parents and community members designed to provide resources to help keep our young people safe”

Topics include:

Social Media and Electronic Devices—How to have difficult conversations with your child about boundaries, how to monitor social media activities, how to block sites and what to do if you find something concerning

The Risk of Fentanyl Use in Our Community—The district and the local police department continue to receive updates and warnings that the use of this drug is becoming more prevalent. The overdose rates are increasing and this presentation will provide you with guidance on what to look for and how to keep everyone safe.  This is not just an issue involving students but all individuals who may be at risk of drug use.

School Safety and Security—It’s a Community Effort—The Texas elementary school shootings have raised questions about Gervais School District’s ability to plan for and respond to a crisis such as this. As mental health issues including anxiety, depression, and feelings of isolation and disconnect continue to grow not only for students but adults, the key is addressing issues before rising to the level of violence. The district and the police department will share what measures we have in place to first prevent and then if necessary to respond to a crisis situation.

There will be time for Q and A.

There will be more information coming in the following week.



Dandy Stevens