Migrant/Newcomer Support

Who Qualifies for the Migrant Education Program? To qualify for the migrant education program, a migrant child must have moved within the past thirty-six months across school district lines with a parent, guardian, spouse, or a member of the child’s immediate family in order to obtain temporary or seasonal employment in qualifying agricultural or fishing work as a principal means of livelihood. A “migrant child” remains eligible for three years after his/her family’s last qualifying arrival date. Regular Year Services include:

The Migrant Education Program provides insurance to help with the cost of treatment for injuries caused by accidents. It covers accidents that occur 24 hours a day, all year. The insurance covers part, but not all, of the cost. The insurance does not cover treatment for illness or previously existing conditions. All migrant students are eligible for Accident Insurance. If you feel you could qualify for this program please contact Maricruz Camacho. Office: (503) 792-3803 ext. 1022 | Cell: (503) 689-4520