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Bob Martin, Principal
Gervais Middle School

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Hello! I’m Bob Martin, and I am the principal here at Gervais Middle School. I count it an honor to be leading such a talented and caring staff here at the home of the Wolverines! I am also very excited to be working with your children during this school year.

I was born in Aberdeen, Washington so I am not a native Oregonian, but I have called Oregon my home since 1966. I’ve also called the Gervais School District my home for 30 years. My career here at GSD began as a student teacher and baseball coach back in 1991 at Gervais High School. And my current stay at GSD began in 2000. During that time, I have been a teacher, counselor, and coach at the high school, an assistant principal at GHS, and now a principal here at Gervais Middle School.

The community of Gervais is very special to me, as this place has given so much to me and my family – my wife taught in this district for 35 years and my sons graduated from Gervais High School in 2012. We have amazing students, all of whom can achieve great things in their lives. I count is as a professional responsibility, but greater yet, a personal goal to help them navigate their young lives so they can reach their goals.

I want us to be able to work together – staff, parents, community, to ensure the success of your student while they are here at Gervais Middle School. Please do not hesitate to reach out to me if you have any questions, concerns, or ideas that you would like to discuss. I look forward to a great year ahead for all of us.


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Aman, Fenya

Behavior Assistant

(503) 792-3803 x3022

Blanchard, Cheryl


(503) 792-3803 x2114

My name is Cheryl Blanchard, and I was born in the town of Mt. Shasta, California, nestled under the majestic mountain that embraces the same name. I am the oldest of three and as a child was, (and still am!) crazy about horses. My dad was a California Highway Patrolman and my mom was a homemaker, and later, court administrator. I graduated from Trinity High School in Weaverville, California. During high school I was active in basketball, FFA, and band. After graduating I moved to Redding, California, where I attended Shasta Community College, waitressed to pay for my expenses, and obtained my AA degree two years later. I then moved to Chico, California, and did the same, graduating from Chico State University with a BA degree in Liberal Studies two years later. Two months later I married Dave, an amazing guy that I met in my U.S. History class at Shasta College, and I entered the Student Teaching Program and obtained my Multiple Subject Credential and a Math Supplement in the next year. Job opportunities took us to the beautiful, rural, logging town of Burney, California, where I taught 4th and 6th grades for five years. This then began a series of moves due to my husband’s job in the propane industry, in which I taught sixth grade a year in Santa Cruz and participated in the California Writing Project at UC Santa Cruz. This soon was followed by a move to Susanville, California where I taught 6th/7th/8th for a year, soon to pack again for our final move to Oregon. I was hired by the Gervais School District two months later, joining the wonderful staff at North Howell and Pioneer Schools. Eventually, we consolidated schools and I became part of the Gervais Middle School team, which is awesome! This is my 18th year in the district and my 25th year of teaching, a profession that I love. I’m so thankful for every teaching opportunity that I have had, as I’ve been blessed to work with wonderful co-workers and students in a variety of schools and geographic areas. Gervais has been my most favorite place to teach! Dave and I have been married for 25 years, and have three children: Courtney, Dalton, and Jordan. My hobbies? They include riding my horses, flower gardening, beach trips, kayaking, working on various craft projects, and being a barista at my coffee shop. Important things to me? My faith, family, and friends. I teach 6th, 7th, and 8th grade Math.

Braswell, Amanda


503-792-3803 x2132

Camat, Kristin


(503) 792-3803 x2118

My name is Kristin Lebsack and I was born and raised in Corvallis, Oregon. Go Beavers!!!! When it came time to go to college however, I was ready for a change so I packed up and headed to sunny San Luis Obispo, California. There I completed my undergraduate degree in Psychology at Cal Poly. I worked with emotionally disturbed youth in the community for 3 years before going back to school to get my Master’s of Education in Special Education. Gervais was my first and only interview. After talking with the fabulous Ann O’Connell, our director of special services, I knew this was the place for me. I am starting my fifth year in the district. Last year, I completed my reading endorsement and I am now certified as a Reading Specialist. I am also the Assistant Coach of the Gervais Cougars Girls’ Varsity Soccer team! I am so passionate about soccer that I continue to play on an indoor team. It is my belief that the school staff, student and parent can make school a positive and successful experience by working together. My goal is for you, the parent, the student and myself to be equal partners in your child’s success this year. One of the goals of middle school is to help prepare your child for high school. To that extent, we focus on improving academic skills, study habits, and independent learning. I run the Learning Resource room in the middle school. As such, my practices look a little different than a traditional classroom. I strive to meet the needs of each individual, whether it be reading, math, writing, or organization. During the school day, I teach one Read180 class and I teach Academic Assist classes. My classroom rules follow those outlined in the student handbook. I teach Read 180 and 6th, 7th, and 8th grade reading and math support.

Chan Vasquez, Vilma


5037923803 x2024

Doyle, Jeanne

Behavior Specialist

Fenner, William

Teacher (Long-Term Substitute)

503-792-3803 x2126

Gieselman, Kimberly


503-792-3803 x2030

Guerrero, Maria

Office Manager

503-792-3803 x2020

School(s) Attended: Gervais High School. Years in Education: 18 years with GSD Grades/Classes/Roles: Office Manager. My Interests/Favorites: Love spending time with my family on my spare time.

Hill, Lucas


(503) 792-3803 x2122

I grew up in a small town in southern Oregon, where we raised cows and chickens. I moved to Salem in 1992 to attend Willamette University. I earned a Bachelor’s degree from Willamette, and a Master’s degree from the U of O. I became a teacher in 2002, and have taught middle school and fifth grade. I live in Salem with my wife, who is a fifth grade teacher, and our two sons, Owen and Silas. I love being a part of the team here at Gervais Middle School. Go Wolverines!

Johnson, Toni


(503) 792-3803 x2116

I was born and raised on the Oregon coast in Tillamook. My mother was a 5th grade teacher and my dad an electrician. I was the youngest of 3 and the only girl. I grew up riding my horse and playing outside. After high school, I went straight to college at Willamette University, in Salem. After college I did not know what I wanted to do, and because it was difficult to find a job, I worked in insurance for a while. A job I did not enjoy. Finally, after many discussions with my mom I went back to college at George Fox in Newberg to get my teaching license. I LOVE being in education! I have taught in Gervais for 19 years, 10 of which in 5th grade and the other 9 in middle school. I am married to Dwayne (no, not “The Rock”) and we have three great daughters ages 17, 11 and 9. We also have two dogs, one cat, and two hamsters. Yes, it is a full house, but I love it. We love to travel. Two of our favorite places are Disneyland and New York City. I guess my ‘aha’ moment was when I stopped teaching for two years because of personal reasons, and how much I missed it. Education is in my blood, and I love every unique and sometimes crazy year. Assessment practices: I try to create a variety of assessments: projects, tests, presentations, and research papers because different students excel at different assessments. I use small quizzes, classroom discussions, and homework assignments to help prepare students for the summative/final tests. I love to teach history and try to bring it alive for my students. This year I have also taken on Dean of Students. In this position, I will be focusing on attendance. It is super important for students to be in school. I will also be starting a new 8th grade/6th grade mentoring program. I teach 7th and 8th grade history.

Jones, Brandon


503-792-3803 x2134

Lopez, Elizabeth


503-792-3803 x3146

Martin, Bob


503-792-3803 x2010

Martin, Rachel


503-792-3803 x1162

Miller, Cassie


(503) 792-3803 x2060

Greetings, My name is Cassie Miller. I teach 6th, 7th, and 8th grade Physical Education and Health. I grew up in Molalla, Oregon with three siblings on a farm. I have enjoyed the opportunity to participate in many sports from dance to swim team. I participated in track and field for 12 years and went to NCAAII Nationals while attending Western Oregon University, where I pursued my education in multiple subjects for elementary and middle school education with a focus on Physical Education and Health. I returned to Western Oregon University and completed my Masters in Health Education. Some of my hobbies are singing, sewing, reading and athletics. A unique fact about me is that I worked in Iraq with the military for 1.5 years. A fantastic moment for me every day is every time a student succeeds at a new skill.

Mulkerin, Michael


(503) 792-3803 x2120

Hello! My name is Michael Mulkerin. I am proud to work in the Gervais Middle School. I have taught math and social studies for the majority of my nearly twenty years here. I started my career in Brooks as a substitute Librarian and computers teacher. Working in a smaller, family oriented, district has made me versatile. I have taught nearly every subject and coached all the sports we offer. I am glad to say that I have settled into math and coaching girls soccer for the high school. I am currently trying to get a middle school robotics program up and running. Many people express that I am crazy for teaching middle school for so long. That might be true, but I still find my smile when I see kids do new and great things. I was born in Fargo, North Dakota, but moved to Walla Walla, Washington the summer before my first grade year. I had a great experience in the Walla Walla Public Schools. I admired and respected my teachers. Many of them motivated me to become a teacher. After graduating, I moved to the Willamette Valley to attend Willamette University. I earned my masters in teaching in 1996. I found Gervais and latched on to the community. I am married with two younger children. I enjoy spending time with my family. We like to go swimming on the weekends. When I was a younger teacher, I was a state of Oregon pickle ball medalist. I am hoping to get a chance to show the students some pickle ball this year in our new exercise facility. It is a fun, and uniquely Northwest game. I teach 7th grade Math and Computers and Sports.

Roberts, Sterling

Choir Teacher

503-792-3803 x3156

Rodriguez, Jennifer

Instructional Assistant


Silva, Rudy

Instructional Assistant

(503) 792-3803 x2115

Torres-Tapia, Maria



Vela, Kimberly


503-792-3803 x2124

Ventura-Lopez, Maria

Instructional Assistant

(503) 792-3803 x2128

I moved to Oregon my Senior year; attended Gervais High School. I started working in the education field the year of 2006 as a substitute in the Woodburn School District. I found that I really enjoyed working with children. There was a deep feeling of satisfaction when I saw the change in behavior, academics or even knowing that the students had confidence in me and felt safe. Teaching is my passion so I am pursuing a career in Education and I am a Grand Canyon University undergraduate. I love the outdoors, sweets, and my family of cats; Sammie, Grito, and Prowler. I also have a son that is in the military which I am very proud of. I am an instructional assistant at the middle school.

Warberg, Helen


(503) 792-3803 x2130

My name is Helen Warberg. I have had the pleasure to teach in the Gervais School District for the past 20 years. Over the years I have taught a multitude of things, but I currently teach eighth grade Math and Science. Of all the grades I have taught, eighth grade is my favorite year. Students are on the verge of just having it all come together. I have had the opportunity to run the Washington DC program for the middle school. Over 200 kids have been able to take advantage of this program. I take great pride in the fact that this program has been able to survive over the years. Many years in a small school has afforded me to build many relationships with former students and parents. I really appreciate the fact that many former students have come back and said that I have made a difference in their lives. I was born in Portland, but grew up in Hillsboro. In 1992, I graduated from Western Oregon State College with a degree in Elementary Education. I have both a reading endorsement and an English language Endorsement. When I am not teaching, I spend time with my family. My latest hobby is chasing after my young kids. Before kids, I put myself through college by river guiding on the Deschutes. This past September, I surprised students (both former and current) by jumping out of a perfectly good airplane. I teach 8th grade Math and 8th grade Science.

West, Tim

Resource Officer

503-792-3803 x2112

Woodard, Jill

School Psychologist

503-792-3803 2026

I started working in education in 2002 and have happily served Gervais school district since 2013.

Zelenka, Michelle

Library Assistant

503-792-3803 x3040

My Role(s): Library Assistant My Education: John F Kennedy High School, Oregon BS Business administration w/option in Marketing 1998 I have been with the Gervais School District since 2016. “No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.” ~AESOP

Zurita, Laura


503-792-3803 x3022

Hello, I’m one of the new counselors at Gervais School District and I serve 6th-12th graders. I have the privilege to work specifically with students who are struggling socially, mentally, and emotionally. I’m a first-generation Latina, born and raised in Oregon. My passion has been to work by serve youth and their families who’ve walked different paths of lives. I work on instilling inspiration, empowerment, and self-love by teaching students that there is more to life than what has been given, especially during rough times. Before coming to Gervais School District, I was a DHS Child Welfare worker for almost 4 years; working on reunifying families or finding a place where youth could call home. Then I worked for 2 years in Developmental Disabilities serving children and their families as a service coordinator. I grew up in Lafayette, Oregon where I graduated from McMinnville High School in 2008, then completed two Bachelors of Arts in Psychology and Spanish at Western Oregon University in 2013 and completed a master’s degree in Social Work at Portland State University, 2021. Currently I’m working towards obtaining a clinical licensure in social work. I’m married to a wonderful man whom I’m proud to call my husband and best friend. We have a beautiful daughter named Lyra Fe who keeps me very busy outside of work. I love nature, trips to the beach and site seeing Oregon’s beautiful parks. My second home is in Mexico and when I can, I visit family and tour the country. I love both of my identities being a Mexican American. What brought me to Gervais School District was the wonderful experience I had during my internship with the counseling department at GES. I loved and respected the schools’ values, support, and community. Since starting at GHS, I feel part of the Gervais family, the support and dedication staff, students and families have with each other makes this place rewarding. A favorite Chinese Proverb of mine is, “Give a man a fish and you’ll feed him for a day. Teach a man how to fish and you’ll feed him for a lifetime.” I look forward to working with you and your families. Do not hesitate to contact me. I also speak Spanish. Email or call 503-792-3803 X3022

Aman, Andrew

Vice Principal

503-792-3803 x3090

My Roles: Assist daily operations of the school Attendance Officer Fill in for Principal as needed

My Education Background: Southridge High School – 2002 Univ. of Oregon – 2006 Major Philosophy Minor English Lewis and Clark College – MAT George Fox Univ. – Admin License # of years with Gervais High School: 14

Responsibilities This Year: Attendance Student operations Student engagement Counseling Team Admin.

Favorite Quote: “It is not the critic who counts.” -Theodore Roosevelt

Ayala, Melissa


503-792-3803 x3030

My Roles: keep the front office running smoothly communicate with parents, students and staff track all high school attendance

My Education Background: Gervais High School Graduate Chemeketa Community College Portland State University # of years with Gervais High School: 1st yr. at Gervais High School 8 yrs with GSD 20 yrs. in education.

Favorite Quote: “Accept what is. Let go of what was. Have faith in what will be.”

Berho, Benoit


503-792-3803 x3116

My Roles: Spanish Teacher Boys Soccer Coach

My Education Background: BA, Education MS EdD # of years with Gervais High School: 3 Classes that I Teach This Year: Spanish I Spanish II Spanish for Native Speakers

Responsibilities This Year: provide instruction in speaking, listening and writing in Spanish – inspire, motivate

Favorite Quote: “With education life is a lot easier.”

Bettis, Sheena


503-792-3803 x3138

My Roles: Health Sciences Teacher Leadership Advisor

My Education Background: BS, Microbiology, OS (Minor in Chemistry, certificate in medical humanities) Masters in Public Health, OHSU # of years with Gervais High School: 5 Classes that I Teach and Responsibilities This Year: Health A/B Wellness Occupations Medical Skills Community Health Leadership Advisor A/V Club

Favorite Quote: “Nothing is impossible. The word itself says I’m possible.”

Bowman, Tim

Teacher, Athletic Director

(503) 792-3803 x3111

My Roles: Teach Social Studies Athletic Director

My Education Background: BS, Education, Western Oregon University # of years with Gervais High School: 26 Classes that I Teach This Year: Government Senior Survey Geography

Favorite Quote: “Reasons or results.”

Brack, Tucker


503-792-3803 x3160

My Roles: Strength and Conditioning Teacher

My Education Background: North Marion, K-12 Lower Columbia College Western Oregon University Undergrad Western Oregon University MAT # of years with Gervais High School: 6 Classes that I Teach This Year: Strength and Conditioning

Favorite Quote: “The Enemy of Great Is Good Enough”

Brown, Andre

Instructional Assistant


Bustamante, Suzanne


503-792-3803 x3140

My Role(s): FLC Special Education Teacher

My Education Background: I have a Bachelor’s Degree and 2 Masters Degrees # of years with Gervais High School: 6 years in November

Responsibilities This Year: I am the High-Needs Special Education Teacher I run the Functional Learning Center I also run the transition program for students over 21 years of age

Favorite Quote: ”You must be the change you wish to see in the world.” -Mahatma Gandhi “Work and you’ll get what you need; work harder and you’ll get what you want.” -Prabakaran Thirumalai_

Camacho, Crystal

Instructional Assistant/Office Assistant


My Roles: Instructional Assistant Office Assistant My Education Background:

Gervais High School Medical Assistant training, Pioneer Pacific College # of years with Gervais High School: 1st

Responsibilities This Year: Assist in the front office Communicate with students, parents and staff Take care of all tracing badges

Favorite Quote: ”Sometimes you will never know the VALUE of a moment, until it becomes a MEMORY.” -Dr. Seuss

Cruz, Mercedes


503-792-3803 x5080

My Roles: ELD Teacher

My Education Background: BS Planning, Public Policy & Mgmt, University of Oregon 2001 MS Educational Administration, Kaplan University 2009 # of years with Gervais High School: 2 and 1/2 years Classes that I Teach This Year: ELD Academic Language

Favorite Quote: “Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement” -Helen Keller

Cueto Yanez, Griselda

Food Service


Dilson, Megan


503-792-3803 x3122

My Roles: Ag Teacher FFA Advisor

My Education Background: Crescent Valley High School BA Animal Science OSU 2010 MA Ag Education OSU 2013 # of years with Gervais High School: 5 Classes that I Teach This Year: Animal Science Intro to Ag Welding Forestry Food Science Veterinary Science

Favorite Quote: “Takes all the running you can do to stay in the same place”