GHS Hall of Fame

Harold “Hal” Mugaas

Harold “Hal” Mugaas was inducted to the Gervais Alumni Hall of Fame in a ceremony held on October 7, 2016 at the Meadow Creek Assisted Living Facility in Salem.-


2011 Inductee: Donna Orton

Gervais High School recognized Hall of Fame honoree, Donna Orton, on February 8th, 2011. Following is the speech read at the induction by Superintendent Rick Hensel:

1971 was an interesting year.G


2010 Inductee: Boys Basketball State Champions ’83 & ’85

’83 State Champions in 2010

Chris Weathers, Damian Torrez, Brent Counts, Mike Greiner, Mike Berger, Head Coach Dick Patzer, Brian Counts, David Olheiser, Jeff Kuschnick, Troy Neliton, Peter Peacock, Karl Lindsey, Brett Hanft, Randy Stowell, Assistant Coach Dave Kullowatz

’83 State Champs in 1983

Kneeling: Damian Torrez, Lyle Clark, Mike Greiner, Peter Peacock, Chris Weathers, Brett Hanft
Standing: Head Coach Dick Patzer, Jeff Kuschnick, David Olheiser, Karl Lindsey, Brent Counts, Brian Counts, Troy Neliton, Assistant Coach Dave Kullowatz

’85 State Champions in 2010

Head Coach Dick Patzer, Mike Berger, Brian Counts, Troy Neliton, Randy Stowell, Assistant Coach Dave Kullowatz

’85 State Champs in 1985

Kneeling: Tom Dutoit, Lyle Clark, Forrest Hawkins, Ted Iverson, Randy Stowell, Brian VanSmoorenburg, Martin Barrera.
Standing: Head Coach Dick Patzer, Troy Neliton, Brian Counts, Mike Berger, Chris Counts, David Adelman, Assistant Coach Dave Kullowatz.

On Monday, February 1, 2010 Gervais High School inducted the 1983 and 1985 Boys Basketball State Championship Teams into its Hall of Fame. It was a wonderful evening and in keeping with what the Hall of Fame is all about, it wasn’t just the athletic accomplishments of these young men that was being honored, it was their overall character.

Speech from the induction ceremony:

Before we meet this year’s Hall of Fame inductees, I would like to recognize some of our previous inductees who are with us this evening Roger Moore, Jeannine James, and Norma Rodriguez Ward.G

2009: Girls Basketball State Champions of 1988

Girls Basketball Stat Champions 1988

Standing: Coach Mike Maghan, Christina (Flores) Ball, Rona (Suing) Schaecher, Sarah (Peacock) Tallon, Luba (Kostrikin) Dubenko, Nancy (Kostrikin) Azar, Asst. Coach Susan (Ferschweiler) Hjorten.

Kneeling: Norma Rodriguez-Ward, Sherry Anderson

Not Pictured: Chris Coates, Jamie (Kemp) McDowell, Kandi (Melcher) Maestri

On Tuesday, January 20, 2009 Gervais High School inducted the 1988 Girl+

2008: Baseball, Basketball, Football and Track Champs of 1951-52

Baseball, Basketball, Football, and Track: ’51 & ’52

Front Row: Frank Muth, Don Green, Ron Dunn, John McCall, Frank Belleque, Terry Mahony, Bob Banick, Larry Lacey, Virgil Lucas
Back Row: Doug Hall, Clarence Grassman, John Weisz, Harry Nosack, Arnold Schmidt, Gary Elliott, Gilbert Thompson, Don Reiling, Roland Schott, Bob Riggi, Ron Keppinger.

League titles, district championships, state playoffs, the quarterfinals, the Final 4, the semifinals, state championships.G

2007: Roger Moore

Gervais High School recognized Hall of Fame honoree, Roger Moore, on January 12th, 2007.G


2006: Jeannine James

Jeannine James became the first ever Gervais High School Hall of Fame inductee on May 25, 2006 for her lifelong dedication to Gervais High School sports and activities programs.


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