The 3 B’s

Be Respectful

  • Use kind words and kind actions.
  • Use appropriate voice level.
  • Ask permission.
  • Listen and follow directions.

Be Responsible

  • Be where you are supposed to be. Be ready.
  • Take care of personal belongings.
  • Take care of school property.
  • Contribute to the group.
  • Turn in completed assignments on time.
  • Be accountable for choices and accept consequences.
  • Listen and follow directions.

Be Safe

  • Walk when entering and leaving the building.
  • Walk in the building.
  • Maintain personal space. Keep hands and feet to self.
  • On the bus, sit seat-to-seat and back-to-back. Do not stand up.
  • If a parent is picking you up from school, wait by the office.
  • Wait until busses leave before walking into the parking lot.
  • Work and play safely