We are proud to announce that Maricruz Camacho has been awarded Oregon Migrant Education Service Center’s Larry Tucker Lifetime Achievement Award for her many years of dedication and service given to Migrant students and their families!

There is so much that can be said about Maricruz, from her heart and self-sacrifice for our migrant students to her quiet demeanor and wonderful heart. For the last 14 years she has been the cornerstone of migrant education for the Gervais School District and has worked her entire career with migrant students and families. For over 30 years Maricruz has been a strong advocate for the needs of our parents and a leader in the community. She gives so much of herself for this program. For Maricruz migrant education is not a time card, or current job title, something you wake up and have to go in to work and do…for Maricruz, it’s a lifestyle. The day she leaves will be a detrimental loss to our migrant community.  Maricruz’s love for our migrant students and families is one of a kind, never failing and always prevailing. Maricruz, you are loved by many, and on behalf of all Migrant students and families and staff you serve with and support…thank you.