Concept Drawings, Proposed Project List, and Draft Language

Proposed Project List

Draft Language – English

Draft Language – Spanish

The Gervais School District No. 1 will be awarded a $4 million grant from the state of Oregon if the voters approve the $24.49 million general obligation bond.

Gervais Elementary School was built in 1934 and has had minor additions and remodeling over the years.  The same goes for Gervais High School, which was built in 1963.  Gervais Middle School, consisting of two prefabricated modular buildings, was constructed in 2013 as the district consolidated to provide a separate facility for 6th through 8th graders.  It provided classrooms but no common areas.

The district reconvened the Pre-Bond Planning Committee of parents, staff and community stakeholders to consider feedback gathered after the May 2022 bond was defeated and prioritized projects to reduce the cost of the bond.

The committee whittled the project list down from $35 million to $28.49 million ($24.49 million from the proposed bond and $4 million from the state grant if the bond is approved).

Bond funds would be used for safety, security and technology additions and upgrades at all buildings.

Project Lists include:

Finish Gervais Middle School

  • Construct new multipurpose building for cafeteria, kitchen, performing arts, library, media, STEM, classroom and office space, community use

  • Improvements to existing building and site, gym, including expanding undersized classroom spaces, secure entry, expansion of drop-off and parking zones for safety, walkways, fencing to enclose campus


Safety and HVAC improvements at Gervais Elem­­entary School

  • new HVAC system (paid for in combination with ESSER III funds and the bond)

  • remodeled front entry for ADA access and secure entrance

  • improved security systems throughout the campus

  • Exterior improvements including window replacement, roofing and paint

  • Upgrade student restrooms with new fixtures and finishes

  • Replace ceilings, flooring, walls and paint the interior


Bond funds would be used at Gervais High School for:

Career and STEM classroom upgrades

  • Upgrades to the plumbing, electrical, and ventilation of systems of the existing science labs


Infrastructure, Access and Safety

  • Safety & Security Upgrades: door hardware, security fencing, cameras

  • ADA accessibility upgrade at gym mezzanine

  • New secure vestibule entry, remodel admin office to accommodate vestibule changes

  • Exterior improvements including window and door replacement, roofing and paint

  • Upgrade the existing student locker rooms and restrooms to meet current code

  • Replace ceiling, flooring, walls and paint in interior


If the bond passes, a community oversight committee will be formed and charged with ensuring the monies spent align with the bond as described on the ballot measure. Bonds may be issued in one or more series; each maturing within 25 years from issuance. If approved, the bond tax rate is estimated to be $1.97 per $1,000 of assessed value. Actual rates may vary based upon interest rates incurred and changes in assessed value.