Staff Resources

How to Check Email Via the Web

Use these instructions if…

  • You don’t have a computer set up for your use in the district
  • You are at home
  • You are at someone else’s computer in the district
  • You are outside the district
  1. Open your web browser, and either…
    1. Type in the address
    2. Or, open the main Gervais web page at, click on the blue “District Staff Portal” Quick Link in the right side panel, then click on the “Webmail Access” tile.
  2. In the “Domain\user name:” box that opens on your screen, type in “gsd\” followed by your first_last names (for example: gsd\john_smith). Make sure you are using the back slash, which is the one that is not on the question mark key.
  3. Your password is the same password you use to login to your computer at work.
  4. Click Sign in.
  5. When you are finished looking at your email, click Sign out (under your name in the upper right corner).
  6. Call Tracy at 503-792-3803 x5070 if you have trouble accessing your email.

Set Up and Use Your Cisco Phone

Accessing voicemail for the first time:

  • press the Messages button (looks like an envelope)
  • You will be asked for your temporary password, which is 1234
  • Then just follow the tutorial operator as directed to setup your voicemail
  • record your name (press # when finished)
  • record your greeting (press # when finished)

Access your voicemail from anywhere:

  • To access voicemail from your desk phone
  • press your Messages button
  • enter your password and press #
  • To access from another phone within the district:
  • dial your extension followed by #
  • press * when the system answers
  • enter your extension followed by #
  • enter your password followed by #
  • Access your voicemail from outside of the district:
  • dial 503-792-3803
  • press * when the system answers
  • enter your extension followed by #
  • enter your password followed by #
  • When accessing voicemail by any of the methods described above, you will hear prompts to press:
  • 1 to hear new messages
  • 2 to send a message
  • 3 to review old messages
  • 1 to review saved messages
  • 2 to review deleted messages
  • 4 to change setup options
  • 1 to change greetings
  • 1 re-record greetings
  • 2 alternate greetings
  • 3 edit other greetings
  • 4 play all greetings
  • 2 to change message settings
  • 3 to change personal settings
  • 1 change phone password
  • 2 change recorded name