Henry Bustamante

Chair – Position 2

Term ends June, 2025

Jenny Jones

Position 5

Term ends June, 2025

Ana Contreras

Vice Chair - Position 3

Term ends June, 2025

Maria Contreras

Position 1

Term ends June 2027

Angie Toran

Position 4

Term ends June, 2025

2023-2024 Board and Budget Committee Meetings

2023-2024 Board Meetings

July 20 - Regular Meeting
August 17 - Regular Meeting
August 29 - Work Session
September 21 - Regular Meeting
October 5 - Work Session
October 19 - Regular Meeting
November 16 - Regular Meeting
December 14 - Regular Meeting Postponed
January 11 - Work Session and Rescheduled December Regular Meeting
January 18 - Regular Meeting
February 8 - Work Session
February 15 - Regular Meeting
March 21 - Regular Meeting
April 9 - Work Session
April 18 - Regular Meeting
May 2 - Budget Committee Meeting #1
May 9 - Budget Committee Meeting #2 (if needed)
May 16 - Regular Meeting
June 20 - Regular Meeting

All meetings will be held eighter via Zoom video and the School District Conference Center located next to the District Office at 250-B 1st Street in Gervais, Oregon. Please contact Sandra Segura, Board Secretary, at 502-792-3803 x 5030 sandra_segura@gervais.k12.or.us for more information.


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To request additional packets or for general questions, please contact Sandra Segura, Executive Secretary 503-792-3803 ext. 5030

Board Focus and Goals

2023-24 Gervais School Board Focus:

The board identified the following standards as focus areas for the coming year:

  • Standard 2 Community Engagement
    The Board recognizes that all members of the community are stakeholders in the success of their schools.
    The Board engages the community using a reciprocal advocacy process that creates and sustains
    meaningful conversations, system connections, and feedback loops across the breadth of their
    community. The Board supports collaborative partnerships and new types and levels of community
    participation in schools.
  • Standard 10 Innovation and Creativity
    The Board encourages innovation and creativity as assets to the process of development and change, leading to new types of thinking and better ways of meeting student needs. The Board supports innovation and creativity that support district vision, values, and goals throughout the organization; engages collaborative partnerships; and encourages dialogue, new ideas, and differing perspectives.


2023-24 Gervais School Board Goals:

Goal 1: The board will focus on actions and services which increase opportunities for community engagement and communications between the school board and residents of the Gervais School District community.


  1. The board will work with a consultant and the Willamette ESD to identify and select options for additional communication to residents. The board will assess the effectiveness of each option implemented and adjust as necessary.
  2. The board will identify and participate in opportunities for community engagement that provides platforms for board members to discuss issues facing the district and receive feedback which will be brought back to the board and shared during the “Board Focus” segment of regular school board meetings.

The district is in year 3 of the strategic plan which has included the same four goals with performance indicators and measures changing each year to reflect “next steps” necessary to work towards achievement of the goals. The school board has used the strategic plan to guide its work during the last three years.

Goal 2: The board will use the four goals found in the strategic plan to center all policy decisions and budgeting priorities for the purpose of supporting the accomplishment of these goals.


  1. The board will receive at least quarterly updates on each goal and have the opportunity to provide feedback to staff on the progress and additional actions they would like to see taken in working toward the accomplishment of the goals.
  2. The board will have dedicated time every month, either during a work session or regular board meeting, to view student achievement data and receive input from staff regarding successes and challenges.

Board Roles

  1. Select & evaluate the Superintendent for the District.
  2. Oversee & approve the budget.
  3. Monitor student progress reports.
  4. Balance the input from students, staff, and community with the requirements of the state, and budget restraints before making decisions for the school district.
  5. Make decisions in the best interest of the district as a whole – not parts of the district.
  6. Adopt district policies.
  7. Set program & curriculum guidelines and boundaries for the administrative staff.


Budget Documents

Budget Committee Members:

  • Alan Hanson
  • Karen Herinckx
  • Jenny Jones
  • David Moreno
  • Arturo Oropeza
  • Current School Board Members

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