GSD Strategic Planning Committee

The Gervais School District has established a Strategic Planning Committee. By the end of this process the team will have been instrumental in developing a plan for the district that highlights our core values and our mission, and outlines the district’s goals for the next three years. This strategic plan will serve as the touchstone for everything we do and will assist all staff in providing the very best educational opportunities for all students.

We will be led by a consultant, Jerry Colonna, a highly skilled retired superintendent who has led many other districts in this work. This will be an opportunity for receiving honest input and help voice the perspectives of many different stakeholders in our community.

There will be a series of community engagement meetings facilitated by members of this group during the months of January and February. The committee will attend board meetings during the next several months to provide updates on the work completed by the committee. Please check this page for current information.

Committee Members:

Adelita Ruiz—Instructional Assistant
Amber Enfield—Teacher
Bob Martin—Administrator
Christy Jaramillo—Community Member and Parent
Creighton Helms—Administrator
Esther Oropeza—Instructional Assistant
Kalynn Naulty—Teacher
Ken Stott—Administrator
Lucas Hill—Teacher
Maria Caballero—School Board Member
Michelle Chase—Teacher
Renee Willer—Data Vision
Sara Broadhurst—Counselor
Sofia Contreras—Student
Susie Marston—Gervais City Manager