GSD Long-Range Facility Planning

The Gervais School District received a grant from the Oregon Department of Education to conduct an analysis of all buildings and facilities as well as complete a stakeholder engagement process to determine what we want education to look like in the district over the course of the next 15 to 20 years. This page will be updated frequently as more information is gathered through this work. Please feel free to reach out to Superintendent Stevens with any questions or comments about this process.

Team Members:

Adelita Ruiz—Instructional Assistant
Amanda Braswell—Middle School Language Arts Teacher
Andrew Aman—High School Assistant Principal
Biri Salazar—Parent
Bob Martin—Middle School Principal
Courtney Karns—Elementary Music
Creighton Helms—Elementary School Principal
Dan Saalfeld—Parent
Gus Munoz—Custodial/Maintenance Manager
Henry Bustamante—School Board Member
Isabel Contreras—High School Student
Megan Dilson—Agriculture High School Teacher
Melinda Fitz-Henry—Food Services Manager
Melissa Ayala—Instructional Assistant
Jose Ayala—Parent
Michael Mulkerin—Middle School Math Teacher
Renee Willer—General Manager Data Vision
Sofia Guzman—Secretary, Elementary School
Susie Marston—City Manager, Gervais
Toni Johnson—Middle School Social Studies Teacher
Tracy Lewis—Technology Director
Vilma Chan Vasquez—Counselor

Meeting Dates and Topics: