Documents, Forms & Policies

  • Division 22 Standards –Assurances Report

    By November 1 of each year, school district superintendents are required by OAR 581-022- 2305: Operating Policies and Procedures to report to their school board the district’s standing with respect to all of the Standards for Public Elementary and Secondary Schools as set out in Oregon Administrative Rules Chapter 581, Division 22

  • Facilities and Maintenance Docs

  • Field Trip Permission Slip (English and Spanish)

    Hereby release and forever discharge the Gervais School District from any and all demands or claims, known or unknown, that I have or may have against the Gervais School District and its staff or employees for any and all harm or damage to my son/daughter to their health or property in any manner resulting from or arising out of their participation in and performance of activities related to this event.

  • Policies

    Welcome to the Gervais School District Online Policy Manual

  • Process and Procedures Manual

    Introduction to Internal Controls The four basic functions of management are often described as planning, organizing, directing, and controlling. Internal control relates to the fourth function, controlling.

  • Sexual Conduct Brochure

    Reporting requirements for students

  • State Report Cards

    For all years and buildings, please follow this link:

  • 3-Year Tech Plan

    Gervais School District's 3-Year Tech Plan dictates technology support, standards, and learning in the district.