Community Links

Within our growing, diverse community we sow the seeds of opportunities to raise prepared, resilient students.

  • City of Gervais

    Welcome! Come discover the great community of Gervais, Oregon!

  • Gervais Mayoral Candidate Meet and Greet

    On Tuesday, October 18th, 2022, the Gervais School District Licensed and Classified Association Leadership hosted a “Meet and Greet” for mayoral candidates. Four of the five candidates for mayor were in attendance and their platform statements and answers to questions developed by staff as well as members of the public are included in this recording.

  • Marion County

    Popular links: Adoptable Dogs, Adult in Custody Lookup, Licensing and Recording, Pay Property Taxes, Permits, Rental Assistance.

  • State Report Cards

    At-A-Glance Profiles and Accountability Details

  • Statesman Journal Newspaper

    Headlines and Top News

  • Woodburn Independent Newspaper

    News and Updates in Oregon

  • Welcome to the Gervais School District!

    For external facility use requests from outside organizations, or if you have questions, please contact Julie Powers at 503.792.3803 x3034 or via email at

  • SchoolDude FSDirect – Submit a Request

    To submit a request for use of Gervais School District Facilities. On the login page, click on the “Register Here” arrow at the bottom of the page if you’ve never used this system before. If you have used the system, just log in with your email address and the password you set up for yourself previously. If you forgot your password, just click on the “forgot password” link.

  • FSDirect Requester Guide

    A guide on how to sumbit a request.

  • Calendar

    When space is available (click on the link above to see the district calendar)

  • Fees Schedule

    We use a classification system to assign fees (click on the link above to see the fees schedule)

  • Have Questions??

    Questions regarding fees, policy and procedural issues should be directed to the Facility Use Coordinator at each building:

Melissa Ayala, High School Secretary
503.792.3803 x3030

Kimberly Gieselman, Middle School Secretary 503.792.3803 x 2030

Sofia Guzman, Elementary School Secretary
503.792.3803 x1030

  • Additional Information:

  • Please Note

    When the district is closed (for weather or other reasons), facility use is canceled.
    Not all rooms in a school are available for rent.
    If you would like to use a Gervais School District parking lot for a drop off or pick up location you will need to request use. There is no overnight parking or camping at any Gervais School District Facility

  • Terms for Facility Use

    Policies and Use Agreements

  • Administrative Rule KG-AR

    Policies and Use Agreements