The Gervais School District has recently been awarded a School Health Services Grant from the State of Oregon.  This multi-year grant will allow the district to partner with parents, community members, faith leaders, local businesses, students, and others to evaluate one of two distinct programs to support the health of Gervais School District students: an expanded district nursing program or the addition of a SBHC.


The importance of this work is significant. We know that young people are best supported when many adults listen to their needs and care for their well-being. School nurses and SBHCs can coordinate care between the different services each provides. We know that young people require multiple access points to health care to meet their unique and distinct needs. Whether students are medically fragile or seeking a culturally specific provider, opportunities to make choices about their own healthcare can improve self-management of health conditions and ensure their needs are met. Furthermore, the district would like to consider providing community access to confidential, multilingual health care services after school hours.


The Gervais School District recognizes and respects the fact that you must have a voice in this process as well.  From August through December 2022, we will meet once a month to discuss these two options and what they mean for our students, our schools, your homes, and our community.  Catered dinner and childcare will be provided.  If you would like to participate, please complete this brief form:  If you know someone who may be interested in participating, please share this request with them.


If you have any questions, I can be reached at or at (503) 792-3803 x4010.  Thank you.