The following is a message to superintendents from ODE regarding the release of district profile information…

As you all know through previous communication I delayed the release of our new “At-A-Glance” School and District Profiles and Accountability Details from an October 25 to a November 15 release. I did this to ensure the Oregon Department of Education (ODE) had supports ready and in place for school districts and so that we could carefully consider some of the new ramifications of ESSA. This also helped make space in our media calendar for the roll-out of our Every Day Matters attendance campaign and toolkits.

You have likely seen in the news that we publicly released the “At-A-Glance” Profiles. Governor Brown asked me to make these profiles available to the public today.

I want to emphasize that these reports contain assessment and graduation data that has already been publicly released. This is the same data in a new format. Data that may be new in some communities is the regular attender data and the ninth grade on-track data, although that has also been available to school districts.

I apologize for being unable to give you a notice prior to this change in the public release date. And, I apologize that we have not yet posted all the associated information and tools to support you. We will be posting items as they are prepared.

You are welcome to share all or parts of this email with your key partners (Principals, Board Members, Teachers, Community Partners, etc.) as you see fit. And, IG