Ballweber, Carrie

Special Education Support Assistant

(503) 792-3803 x1113

School(s) Attended: Chemeketa Community College

Years in Education: 16 years

Grades/Classes/Roles: Special Education K-5 Assistant

My Interests/Favorites: Spending time at the Beach

Belle, Eliana


503-792-3803 x1134

School(s) Attended: I attended Western Oregon University for my BA in Elementary Education, my ESOL Endorsement, and my Master’s Degree in Curriculum and Instruction with a focus in STEM Education.

Years in Education: I began my teaching career at GES in 2018.

Grades/Classes/Roles: I teach kindergarten. My Interests/Favorites: One of my favorite hobbies is camping!

Broadhurst, Kerry


(503) 792-3803 x1102

School(s) Attended: Teaching Degree earned from Western Oregon University and Master’s Degree from Portland State University in Curriculum and Instruction

Years in Education: Been with the Gervais School District since 1998

Grades/Classes/Roles: 5th Grade Math Teacher

My Interests/Favorites: I am a huge Superman fan.

Favorite Quote: “All you can take with you is that which you’ve given away.” (Pa Bailey, It’s a Wonderful Life).

Broadhurst, Sara


503-792-3803 x1128

Bustamante, Emma

Instructional Assistant


Campbell, Jeremy

Instructional Assistant


Chacon Ventura, Veronica

Latchkey Worker


Chase, Michelle


(503) 792-3803 x1104

School(s) Attended: George Fox University MAT

Years in Education: 12 years

Grades/Classes/Roles: second grade teacher

My Interests/Favorites: A person who reads lives 1,000 lives, while a person who doesn’t read lives only one.

Cisneros, Angelica

Instructional Assistant


Cook, John



School(s) Attended: George Fox University (B.S. in Elementary Education)

Years in Education: I student taught at Gervais Elementary School in 2020

Grades/Classes/Roles: Online Instruction Teacher

My Interests/Favorites: I love board games and tabletop games!

A quote I need daily: “The wise man loves correction”

Cortes, Maddy


503-792-3803 x1140

Crabtree, Madeline

Instructional Assistant


Dees, Kalynn


503-792-3803 x1122

School(s) Attended: Southern Oregon University, Masters Degree

Years in Education: Started teaching in 2015 and started teaching in Gervais in 2018

Grades/Classes/Roles: 1st Grade Teacher

My Interests/Favorites: My favorite book is Wonder by R. J. Palacio.

My favorite quote, “When given the choice between being right or being kind, choose kind.” -Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

Dettwyler, Wynelle


(503) 792-3803 x1108

School(s) Attended: Western Oregon University – Bachelor’s degree in Education, Master’s degree in ESOL Silverton Union High School

Years in Education: Elementary Teacher in Gervais School District since 2000.

Grades/Classes/Roles: 4th Grade Teacher

My Interests/Favorites: I love spending time with my family and going to the beach.

Devine-Jenson, Patricia


(503) 792-3803 x1110

School(s) Attended: I went to High School in Heppner Oregon and Attended Eastern Oregon University for my BA, MAT, and ESOL Endorsement

Years in Education: I am beginning my ninth year teaching and am beginning my seventh year at GSD

Grades/Classes/Roles: I am teaching Kindergarten

My Interests/Favorites: I love going to exercise classes, walking my dog, Tate, going to farmer’s markets, and reading many kinds of books!

Enciso Anaya, Jasmin

Instructional Assistant


Everts, Cindy

Food Service


Fast, Tiffany


(503) 792-3803 x1112

School(s) Attended: PSU (BS) George Fox (Masters in Teacher)

Years in Education: 22

Grades/Classes/Roles: 4th Grade GES

My Interests/Favorites: Spending time with my kids

Gage, Kay

Administrative Teacher on Special Assignment

(503) 792-3803 x1028

School(s) Attended: McNary HS Keizer, OR, WOSC undergraduate, WOU Masters in Education, U of O Administrators License

Years in Education: I started teaching Fall 1983, I joined the GSD fall of 1995

Grades/Classes/Roles: K – 12 Music, Band, Choir K – 5 Assistant Principal

My Interests/Favorites: Playing the piano and singing. Spending time with my family and our dog Lilo.

Gatchet, Theresa


(503) 792-3803 x1118

School(s) Attended: WOU with a Bachelors of Arts in Education Portland State University with a Masters in Curriculum and Instruction and George Fox with a Reading Endorsement

Years in Education: Taught 1st grade for 19 years and 2nd grade since 2018

Grades/Classes/Roles: 19 years as a first grade teacher and 1 year as a second grade teacher

My Interests/Favorites: I love to read and spend time outdoors hiking, boating, and watching my kids play soccer! I love to travel with my family and friends!

My favorite quote comes from one of my favorite authors, Dr. Seuss “the more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go!”

Gomez, Raul

ELD Teacher on Special Assignment

503-792-3803 x2136

Guerrero, Lilia

Instructional Assistant


School(s) Attended:

Years in Education: This is my second year at Gervais Elementary Grades/Classes/Roles: I work in the Latchkey program

Guzman, Sofia


(503) 792-3803 x1030

School(s) Attended: Chemeketa Community College

Years in Education: I started working in the district in the 2000/01 school year.

Grades/Classes/Roles: Secretary

My Interests/Favorites: “Live Each Day as if it Were Your Last, Tomorrow is Not Promised”

Hamberger, Bernadette

Food Service

(503) 792-3803 x1053

School(s) Attended: John F Kennedy High/Chemeketa Community College

Years in Education: 23 years and @ GSD 20 years

Grades/Classes/Roles: Food Service

My Interests/Favorites: Favorite thing to do is, spending time with my son & family my granddaughters

Hazelton, Kristi


(503) 792-3803 x1124

School(s) Attended: Seattle Pacific University

Years in Education: 19

Grades/Classes/Roles: Teacher 4th/5th

My Interests/Favorites: “Young people need models, not critics.” John Wooden

Helm, Stacey


503-792-3803 x1106

School(s) Attended: Oregon State University, BA George Fox, MAT

Years in Education: I became a teacher in 2016 and began working at GES in 2017.

Grades/Classes/Roles: Classroom Teacher 3rd grade

My Interests/Favorites: “If you see someone without a smile, give them yours!” (Dolly Parton)

Helms, Creighton


503-792-3803 x1020

School(s) Attended: South Medford High School (Medford, OR) B.S. from the United States Coast Guard Academy M.A. Western Governors University M.S. Penn State University, College of Medicine Ed.D. from Creighton University Post-Doc Certificate from Harvard University

Years in Education: 12 years total; 5 years in GSD

Grades/Classes/Roles: GES Principal

My Interests/Favorites: Competitive paper airplane thrower Impromptu karaoke singer Looks forward every Monday morning to shout: “Gooooooooood morning Gervais Elementary School Bumblebeeeeeeeeees……”

Jimenez, Gerardo


503-792-3803 x1036

School(s) Attended: Attended North Salem High school/Graduated from Portland State University with a Masters in Social Work

Years in Education: Total Years in an education is about 5 years and 4 years at GSD

Grades/Classes/Roles: k-5th counseling program/social worker

My Interests/Favorites: “You may encounter many defeats, but you must not be defeated. In fact, it may be necessary to encounter the defeats, so you can know who you are, what you can rise from, how you can still come out of it.” ― Maya Angelou

Karns, Courtney


503-792-3803 x1116

School(s) Attended: University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire (Music Education) Portland State University (Masters in Early Childhood Education)

Years in Education: 12th year in education, 4th year at GSD

Grades/Classes/Roles: K-5 Music and Choir Teacher

My Interests/Favorites: Love yoga and travel!

Koos, Barbara


(503) 792-3803 x1160

School(s) Attended: Oregon State University

Years in Education: I’m in my 30th year teaching and 26th year at GSD

Grades/Classes/Roles: Elementary PE

My Interests/Favorites: Ocean kayak fishing

Lader, Alia

Instructional Assistant


Lafollette, Vanessa

Instructional Assistant

(503) 792-3803 x1129

School(s) Attended: Horndean Comprehensive School, UK

Years in Education: 20 and 16

Grades/Classes/Roles: Kindergarten IA & Care Team coordinator

My Interests/Favorites: Gardening and reading about English history.

Lal-Ryder, Ruth



Lister, Marci


503-792-3803 x1130

Schools Attended: University of Arizona (B.A. in English) Portland State University (B.A. in speech and hearing sciences) Portland State University (M.Ed. in English and special education)

Years in Education: I started teaching in 1999 in various roles and have been with Gervais School District since 2021.

Grades/Classes/Roles: K-5 learning specialist/special education teacher

My Interests/Favorites: Exploring new places: hiking, road trips, and fine arts destinations

Ludwikoski, Lisa


503-792-3803 x1014

School(s) Attended: B.S.Ed–University of Kansas 1989 / ESOL Endorsement–Corban University 2019

Years in Education: Three years at Gervais Elementary School and Thirty years in K-12 education (classroom, substitute, catechist, homeschooling)

Grades/Classes/Roles: Fourth grade teacher

My Interests/Favorites: Favorite: those occasional, brief moments during student learning when children realize they are witness to, and are part of, something greater than themselves

Ludwikoski, Mary

Latchkey Worker


Martin, Rachel


503-792-3803 x1162

Martinez, Alejandra



My Roles: Assisting our newcomers, Monitoring ELL

My Education Background: Samuel Brown Academy

Responsibilities This Year: To help students graduate, and keep their grades up. To help students learn English

Favorite Quote: “Your limitation – Its only your imagination.”

Obendorf, Elizabeth

Library Assistant

503-792-3803 x1040

School(s) Attended: Chemeketa Community College Western Oregon University (BA in Literature and minor in linguistics + TEFL Certificate) California State University San Marcos (MA in Literature and Writing Pedagogy) Started in the fall of 2021

Years in Education: I’ve been at GES since 2020

Grades/Classes/Roles: K-5 Library/ STE(A)M specials

Oropeza, Esther

Instructional Assistant

(503) 792-3803 x1117

School(s) Attended:

Years in Education: 19 years

Grades/Classes/Roles: Instructional Assistant

My Interests/Favorites: I really enjoy working with children and being a part of this community.

Piazza, Eleanor


(503) 792-3803 x1136

School(s) Attended: University of Oregon, BS Geography, MAT George Fox University

Years in Education: 23 years in education, 13 years at Gervais

Grades/Classes/Roles: Kindergarten Teacher

My Interests/Favorites: My favorite thing to do is read and walk my dog!

Poissant, Jayme


(503) 792-3803 x1138

School(s) Attended: University of Oregon B.A. in Journalism, George Fox M.A.T

Years in Education: 15 Total years in. 14 Years with Gervais.

Grades/Classes/Roles: Fifth Grade Elementary Reading Teacher

My Interests/Favorites: My favorite thing to do is to sit on the beach with a good book, especially if the author is Jane Austen.

“It isn’t what we say or think that defines us, but what we do.” ― Jane Austen

Ramon, Erica

Food Service

(503) 792-3803 x1055

School(s) Attended:

Years in Education:

Grades/Classes/Roles: I work in Nutrition Services at Gervais Elementary

Reyes, Diego

Food Service


Grades/Classes/Roles: I work in Nutrition Services at Gervais Elementary.

Roberts, Deborah

Instructional Assistant

503-792-3803 x1119

School(s) Attended: Sheridan High School

Years in Education: I have worked in GSD for 4 years

Grades/Classes/Roles: Instructional Assistant in the FLC

My Interests/Favorites: My favorite thing to do is be at home with my kids, dogs, and cat

Robinson, Charmayne

Instructional Assistant


Rodriguez, Cristina

Food Service Worker

503-792-3803 x1051

Grades/Classes/Roles: I work in Nutrition Services at Gervais Elementary.

Ruiz, Adelita


503-792-3803 x3125

Smith, Cindy


(503) 792-3803 x1146

School(s) Attended: Western Oregon University- Bachelor of Science in Education

Years in Education: In education for 22 years and at GSD 20 years

Grades/Classes/Roles: Third Grade Classroom Teacher

My Interests/Favorites: My favorite book is The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane by Kate DiCamillo

Smith, Susan

Teacher, Temporary

(503) 792-3803 x1148

My Education Background: Graduated in Elementary Education at Trinity Bible College, Ellendale, ND, Licensed Teacher in Oregon Currently working on SPED Endorsement through Pacific University, Forest Grove

# of years with Gervais School District: 1st

Favorite Quote: ”Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.” -Albert Einstein

So, Stephanie


503-792-3803 x1114

School(s) Attended: George Fox University (B.S. in Elementary Education)

Years in Education: I have been teaching at Gervais Elementary School since 2017

Grades/Classes/Roles: Third Grade Classroom Teacher

My Interests/Favorites: I love playing music, especially with friends!

Solano, Benita

Food Service


Soto, Noradeli

Food Service


Starha, Nicole

Instructional Assistant


Symons, Renee

Instructional Assistant


Vazquez, Mayra

Instructional Assistant

503-792-3803 x1137

School(s) Attended: Woodburn High, Woodburn Oregon

Years in Education: Have worked 17 years in education and 4 years at GSD

Grades/Classes/Roles: Instructional assistant k-5 at GES

My Interests/Favorites: Favorite quote: “Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice, and most of all, love what you are doing.” – Pele

Favorite hobby: Coaching and playing soccer.