Armstrong, Rita

Transportation Supervisor - Mid Columbia Bus Co.


Atwood, Bonny

Teacher on Special Assignment

503-792-3803 x1100

Barocio, Sylvia

Daycare Worker

503-792-3803 x4210

Bartch, Diana

Transportation Assistant

503-792-3803 x5500

Buchheit, Steve

Maintenance Worker

My Roles: Maintain and Repair Facilities as needed. I've worked for 21 years with Gervais School District. I love sports and spending time with my family.

Camacho, Maricruz

Home School/Migrant Coordinator, Welcome Center

503-792-3803 x1022

Chavez, Rocio

Preschool Worker


Chesnokov, Effie

Custodial Service

My Role: GES Custodian. I've worked for 2 years with Gervais School District. I enjoy my job and I am always willing to help and I love baking.

Cruz Cruz, Jessica

Preschool Promise and Welcome Center Secretary


Cruz Figueroa, Brenda

Daycare Worker


Davidson, Kevin

Maintenance Worker

My Roles: Lawn Care, and Vehicle Maintenance
Educational Background: USAF Mechanic, AA Aerospace Technology, AA Human Resources

Davis, Caryn

Business Manager

503-792-3803 x5020

Dettwyler, Tami



Everts, Cindy

Daycare Worker


Fitz-Henry, Melinda

Food Service Manager

503-792-3803 x5050

Flores, Elizabeth

Preschool Coordinator/Head Teacher


Flores, Luz

Custodial Service


Gomez, Raul

Teacher on Special Assignment

503-792-3803 x1038

Gonzalez Lopez, Felipe

Custodial Service

My Role: GHS Custodian I like to work, dance, and walk in my spare time.

Guerrero, Dora

Payroll Clerk

503-792-3803 x5040

Helms, Creighton

Director of Student Services and Federal Programs

503-792-3803 x4010

Joy-Koer, Phillip

Personnel Clerk

503-792-3803 x5012
I joined the Gervais team in July of 2021 and I am looking forward to a long career with the district. I enjoy spending my time with my family hiking, working on crafts, designing and creating clothes, or working on the house and yard.

Juarez, Ana

Preschool Worker


Kennedy, Diana

Daycare Worker


Kryukova, Tatiana

Daycare Worker


Laparra, Susan



Lewis, Tracy

Director of Technology

503-792-3803 x5070
I have been with the district since 1998. I enjoy spending time outdoors with my family and working on projects around the house. I also love to travel to warm and tropical places (doesn’t everyone?) and visiting family and fishing in my home state of Alaska.

Marquez, Celia

Student Accounting Specialist

503-792-3803 x5072
I was born in Texas and moved to Oregon with my parents in 1963. I lived in Gervais on 1st Street most of my life and went to Gervais Elementary (Go Raiders!), then graduated from Gervais Union High (Go Cougars!). I have 4 children who all attended Gervais schools. I have 7 grandchildren. I love to cook, quilt and crochet. I do have some college credits from CCC.

Marquez, Chantel

District Nurse

503-792-3803 x5076
I am a Gervais Alumni like many of my coworkers. I feel privileged to be working for the school district my mother attended, I attended and now my children attend. I also work full time at a local hospital. I have been working in healthcare since 2003 and I am thankful to be serving our small unique community. I am happy to feed my passion of helping others through my work as a registered nurse, especially the students of GSD.

Munoz, Gustavo

Director of Maintenance and Custodial

503-792-3803 x5062
My Roles: Maintain Facilities, Supervise Custodians, Supervise maintenance of grounds, Oversee major projects and contractors for GSD
I've worked for 20 years with Gervais School District. I am a community member here in Gervais and fully vested in doing what I can to help make the facilities the best they can be.

Pico, Yolanda

Preschool Worker


Powers, Julie

Maintenance Dept. and Athletic Secretary

503-792-3803 x3034
My Roles: Athletics 6-12, Custodial/Maintenance Support, Attendance K-12 I've worked for 10 years with Gervais School District. My Responsibilities This Year: Assisting our AD with coaching staff, scheduling, and student eligibilities, Assisting head of maintenance with scheduling of projects, AP, and custodial support, Working with the secretaries in the district bringing attendance together. Favorite Quote: “A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new.” -Albert Einstein

Ramirez, Andrea

Accounting Clerk

503-792-3803 x5022

Reyes, Diego



Riches, Traci

School & Community-Based Nurse

503-792-3803 x2110

Segura, Sandra

Administrative Assistant and Data Specialist

503-792-3803 x5030
I was born in Mexico and migrated to Oregon at the age of ten. I’m the oldest of four. I graduated from Silverton High School and attended Chemeketa Community college. My hobbies are reading, cooking, gardening, and hiking. I have worked for Gervais School District for 20+ years in various office positions, and I’m currently an Administrative Assistant & Data Specialist at the district office.

Stevens, Dandy


503-792-3803 x5010

Tarula, Gabriel

Custodial Service


Tarula Segura, Gilberto

Custodial Service

My Role: GES Custodian Been with GSD since 2021 I enjoy sports and to run in my spare time.

Valle, Ruby

Preschool Worker


Ventura, Alyssa

Preschool Worker


West, Tim

Resource Officer

503-792-3803 x2112

Woodard, Jill

School Psychologist

503-792-3803 x2026
I started working in education in 2002 and have happily served Gervais school district since 2013.