Armstrong, Rita

Transportation Supervisor - Mid Columbia Bus Co.


Bartch, Diana

Transportation Assistant

503-792-3803 x5500

Camacho, Carlos

Resource Officer

503-792-3803 x2112

Davis, Caryn

Business Manager

503-792-3803 x5020

Fitz-Henry, Melinda

Food Service Manager

503-792-3803 x5050

Guerrero, Dora

Payroll Clerk

503-792-3803 x5040

James, Scott



Joy-Koer, Phillip

Personnel Clerk

503-792-3803 x5012

Lewis, Tracy

Director of Technology

503-792-3803 x5070

Marquez, Celia

Student Accounting Specialist

503-792-3803 x5072

Munoz, Gustavo

Director of Maintenance and Custodial

503-792-3803 x5062

Powers, Julie

Maintenance Dept. and Athletic Secretary

503-792-3803 x3034

Ramirez, Andrea

Accounting Clerk

503-792-3803 x5022

Segura, Sandra

Administrative Assistant and Data Specialist

503-792-3803 x5030

Stevens, Dandy


503-792-3803 x5010

Utter, Courtney

District Nurse

503-792-3803 x5076